Rent Vehicle

Simply fill the BOOK ONLINE FORM or you can call or text us for fast reservation.

You have options to pay either money bank transfer, offline deposit, money remittance, wire transfer or even cash on hand.

Renter must take the care with care. if accident happens. We have followed rules and guidelines to be followed. We start giving you call a call immediately

We have perfect place to park and return a car. During your booking confirmation we give you details for heads up.

Maximum of 4 passenger in Toyota Vios and the rest. But on fortuner we can make it 5 maximum.




We can directly contact you ahead of time. If there’s no enough availability car we can find ways to replace the car options if you want by confirming in your end. But we prioritize your preferred car that your requested.

Yes we allow extension days in renting car. But to it make sure, just give us a ring so we can process your request.

We can arrange that thing. Give us a call and we can give your request but making this transaction easier. Please remind us earlier before your travel date.

Bringing your own stuff is yours, we can’t take control of it since your rent our car. But keep in mind, driving car must take it carefully and avoid drunk driver for safety assurance.

You can take it and travel anywhere in cebu to which place you love the most and have fun.