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Drive like you own the car no matter where you go in Cebu. We have the best deal and a guaranteed price that worth your travel.


The best Cebu Rent A Car that offers reliable, affordable and different car model at good conditions.


Yes we can manage phone call or text message rent car reservation in cebu. And give feedback to process you ahead of time.


Cebu Rent A Car Selfdrive

Having a driver is not bad in renting a Car but sometimes we love to travel exclusively and we can keep our privacy in place.

We Know

The difference is in the details and that’s why our car rental services, in the tourism and business industry, stand out for their quality and good taste, to offer you an unique experience


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Rent a Car in Occasion


Debu Party

Many girls is dreaming to celebrate their 18th Birthday and give a Debu Celebration on their day. Our services if a perfect ride to choose Cebu Rent a Car in your Debu's daughter or to someone else party.


Club Party

Going to party clubs is a good option to rent our cars too. We need to hang-out sometimes especially for us to relieve stress from work or even personal matters. Cebu has different a party clubs located in Cebu City and Mandaue City. You can book our cars via self-drive and this is a perfect service to you party.


Businesss Meeting

In business, we understand your job industry. Upcoming appointment or business conference is good when you rent a car for us. Especially when you are in rush or having very important meetings. It's a very convenient to your business matter driving it by yourself since we offer a selfdrive rent a car


Personal Date

In your personal activities, you can ride and book with us. Sometimes in life we have surprises to please our date partner. Cebu Rent a Car in Selfdrive is plus to your date because who never knows that the car your are driving is our service. You can travel with your date partner to her favorite place. No matter you eat in different restaurants, waching movies and travel anywhere with no limits and i'm pretty sure your date partner would love it.


Couple Weddding

We understand that this is most especial day in your life. Cebu Rent A Car offers you the vehicle you want to choose in your most awaited Wedding Day. We have multiple car options here that you can ride for or even if to the invited guest. Give us a call and we can give you the best affordable offer in renting single or multiple cars in cebu.


Visit a Mall

People are like to visit mall and roaming around and get shop. Buying clothes, groceries, eating favorites food, watching cinema for latest showing during weekends or even in weekdays. You can rent and bring our car and rent via Self-drive. You can place your the things you buy in compartment. Having your own car by renting is a hassle free comparing when you cumute a jeepney and has loaded things packed up. Also choosing a taxi is good option but when it is traffic or even rush hour you can skip the high price on taxi meter. Even if you ride taxi nearby mall but still you cannot skip the high fare you will pay and thats the reality. So good thing we have rent a car selfdrive to offer your mall visit in cebu


Anywhere Else

When you are planning some form of leisure, gatherings, event affair, visiting to your girlfriend or to your family or just roaming around in cebu without any plans. You can still rent our car and give a ride to yourself whatever you want


Port Transfers

Renting a Car in Cebu is a good option because this time we can provide you a pleasant driver who will take you to the port. Get your things and ride for transfers.

Explore our self-drive car rental service to your travel

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In the Philippines, the island of Cebu is one of the hottest pick for travel destinations in the world. Cebu filled with best site’s tourist attraction for the guest. We have a famous Santo Nino de Basilica Church and Musuem located in Santo Nino Street, Cebu City. Some guest wants to rent a car going to visit Sirao Garden that has a a vast expanse of blossom flower sorounded, a good looking view in Taoist temple located in Beverly Hills Sudvision it is a chinese architectural design and build by Chinese Community in 1972, we have Fuerte de San Pedro or also known as Fort San Pedro that was build in 1565 a military defense based structure during Spanish Role that was governed under Miguel Lopez De Legaspi. We also have Mactan Shrine located in Punta Engano, Mactan, Lapu-lapu City. He was a native leader who reign supreme againts Spanish Soldiers battle in 1521.

Cebu has a popular Sinulog Festival held every 3rd Sunday of January. It is an annual cultural religious of all Cebuanos. This is one of the famous trademark festival in Cebu. More than million people who particated the said event. This is the heart of Santo Nino to all Catholic. This 1st Sinulog Parade was held in 1980. In pre-Sinulog many guest had booked already to their comfort hotel accommodation. Especialy to those guest in or outside cebu that wants to explore cebu we have best price to offer you a fully conditional Rent a Car when you are in Cebu. We have available cars to you and enjoy your stay while having fun with your friends, family gathering, seeing events, attending colorful EDM parties before and during Sinulog. Don’t just skip by sleeping in your hotel accommodation because pre-sinulog has a lot of events happening. We want to make sure all our guest will be happy staying in Cebu either short or long period of time. Just ride our car and take it wherever you are, we are the best of Cebu’s Rent A Car in affordable price


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We occasionaly check our vehicle tires to make sure it's all good condition.

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Regulary we change oil to our vehicles to give good condition to all machines.